Quick China has changed The Far East dream which had started in an apartment flat 20 years ago in Ankara to a life style today. (Date) December 1995, (location) Arjantin Road.. Quick China has introduced Chinese Cuisine tastes to the residents of Ankara from a modest, 60m² place used only for take-away service. Taste passion, flavors which has adapted to Turkish palatal delight, meals served with the enthusiasm of putting new explorations to life has been enjoyed in a short span of time and this exploit has firstly turned into a 6-table restaurant service and today to a unique trade-mark with its 4 branches. With the happiness of contributing the Far East Cuisine which is both delicious and healthy to be one of the most popular cuisines in Turkey, at our restaurants and if you wish at your houses and with the trainings given, with the excitement stil like the first day and experience of the years, even at your own kitchens, Quick China will always be with you.