The Guideline for Cookies of was prepared by QUICK CHINA. It is annex to the Main Guideline.

As many websites do, uses Cookies to display personal content and advertisements for the visitors, perform traffic analysis on the website and understand tendencies of the visitors. This guideline was prepared by QUICK CHINA to explain which Cookies are used on the Website and how visitors can manage their preferences regarding the cookies.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files placed by the websites you visit to your computer or smart phones or other devices through the browsers. Cookies are created by the servers managing the website you visit.

What are the Types of Cookies and why are they used?

The Cookies used on the website are intended for the following purposes:

Mandatory Cookies: These cookies are necessary for operation of the website and not turned off in our systems. They allow you to surf on the website and use the features corresponding to request for service such as determining privacy preferences, signing in and filling in the forms.

Performance Cookies: These cookies are used to enhance operational performance of the website. They do not collect the data identifying the visitor. They include information on how the website is used by the visitors.

Advertisement or Targeting Cookies: These cookies are used to create your profile and provide ads related to your areas of interest. At the same time, they assist in measuring efficiency of the advertisement campaign and limit the number of display of the advertisements. They are generally placed onto the advertisement networks with the permission of the website owner. Your visiting our website and other details contained in the cookie are shared with the advertises. If you do not allow these cookies, you cannot experience the targeted advertisements in different websites.

Cookies used in the Website

1. Mandatory Cookies:

    It is the cookie that is mandatory for use of live help function of the website.

2. Targeting and Announcement Cookies:

    - It is used to improve general experiences of the visitors regarding the website and applications collect information on how you use the websites and applications (pages displayed, average duration of the visit etc.).

    - It is used by Google AdWords to re-group the visitors basing on website behaviours of the visitor.

    How to Manage Cookie Preferences

    The visitors’ freely making their choices regarding how their personal data can be handled is very significant to QUICK CHINA. However, it is not possible to make a preference for the Cookies mandatory for operation of the website. Moreover, we kindly remind that you cannot enjoy certain functions of the website if the relevant Cookies are turned off.

    The visitors are entitled to customize their preferences for cookies by changing the browser settings to display the website. If the used browser provides it, you can edit the preferences for cookies through the browser setting. Although it varies by the features provided the browser, the data owners may prevent use of cookies, prefer receiving notification before use of cookies or deactivate or delete only certain Cookies. Thus, it may be required to set separate cookie preferences for each device through which the visitor access to the website.  
  •  Click to turn of the Cookies managed by Google Analytics.
  • Click to manage the customized advertisement experience provided by Google.
  • Settings/browser settings menu of the mobile device can be used to manage the Cookies through mobile devices. Cookie settings of certain applications (e.g. Chrome) can be adjusted within the application itself.

QUICK CHINA aims to provide its visitors with detailed information on use of Cookies and preferences of Cookies by the Guidelines for Cookies. In this regard, it is deemed that you consent to use of Cookies if you turn of the Cookies notification on the website and continue to use it. The visitors shall always reserve their right to change their preferences for Cookies.