1. Definition of the Service

To allow those accessing to website or mobile application of to order food through website and/or mobile applications, ensure package service upon duly placed orders and send informative letters to them to take advantage of campaigns and special bargains through e-mail or SMS.

2. Parties and Approval of the Agreement

This Quick China Membership and Sales Agreement (“Agreement”) has been concluded by and between Alga Turizm Gıda Ticaret A.Ş. (“Quick China”) owning, located at the address of ‘Kızılırmak Mahallesi Dumlupınar Bulvarı Bblok no:3/61 Next Level Rezidans Binası Çankaya /Ankara’’ with Central Registration System No. 0051 0273311 00025 and Tax Identity No. 051 027 3311 before Başkent Tax Office and internet user (‘’Member’’) subscribing to (‘’Website’’). This Agreement shall come into force when the Member completes and approves the subscription form and agrees to the terms of the Agreement by clicking the option of ‘’I have read and agree to Quick China Membership and Sales Agreement’’ and be applicable to any sale to be performed through the Website.

The Member may access to this Agreement through the ‘’My Page’’ tab opened after clicking the ‘’Sign Up’’ tab or signing in the website by the username and password to be determined while signing in or through the ‘’Terms of Use’’ located at the bottom of the website and a copy of this agreement shall be conveyed to the member by e-mail. The agreement shall also be stored indefinitely by Quick China.

Hereinafter Alga Turizm Gıda Ticaret A.Ş. shall be referred as “Quick China or “and internet user subscribing to shall be referred as the “Member”.

3. Subject of the Agreement

The subject of this Agreement is to determine the terms of use of the Web Site and/or Quick China Mobile Applications and terms of sale through these channels. “” allows its users to place orders through website, mobile phones and applications developed for similar platforms, informs them on campaigns and special bargains through SMS and e-mail and provides relevant services.

4. Membership Procedures

Membership is required for enjoying the services provided by For membership, the user accessing to the website shall define an e-mail address as the ‘’username’’ and determine a ‘’password’’. The username (e-mail address) is special to the member and the same username (e-mail address) cannot be assigned for more than one member.

The Member’s right to use the password obtained from the website of Quick China belongs to the Member exclusively. The Member should not share this password with a third person and should keep it safely. The Member shall be legally and criminally responsible for loss of the password by his/her fault or damages caused by use of the password by third persons. The Member shall not bring any claim against Quick China for this reason and Quick China shall not be liable for compensating damages to the Member due to such cases. shall not share user details with third parties or companies or not send e-mail in the name of third persons in any case save for demands of public authorities.

5. Privacy and Confidentiality Policy of Quick China

  • Membership details are recorded in our system. Membership details include information such as gender, name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth. Credit card and account details are not included in personal details and shall not be requested from the Member in any case other than the moment of purchasing/ordering and not be recorded in our system for any reason.
  • Throughout and after duration of this Agreement, the Parties shall not disclose any information and document conveyed to them orally or in any other form  as well as personal details of the Members (‘’Confidential Information’’) to third persons without written consent of the other party and use or let others use them on behalf of other persons, organizations and institutions. The parties shall be liable for ensuring privacy of the abovementioned Confidential Information, taking all relevant measures, acting in line with the confidentiality principles, preventing use of this information by unauthorized persons and taking any precaution to prevent any misuse.
  • Quick China shall not ask for personal information of those visiting its website.
  • However, if a visitor wants to place online food order, he/she has to sign in. Therefore, visitors who do not sign in shall not be allowed to shop (placing online food order) through the website.
  • Details such as postal address (Delivery addresses), postal code, house/business phone, fax, mobile number shall only be used for procedures of our company such as standard product delivery and informing. Thus, this information can only be saved into our database after our customers, who have signed in our system and received membership approval, willingly fill in the relevant forms.
  • Quick China guarantees that undertakes not to share the information pf our members collected by standard procedure (their membership information and other details provided so as to be saved into our database) with third persons, organizations and institutions.
  • Moreover, our organization can provide the information requested by public authorities (if it has it) within the frame of the applicable laws for any legal proceeding.

6. Safe Shopping and Safety Policy of Quick China

High safety standards shall be applicable to shopping at Online Ordering website of Quick China. The Members may shop / order food from our website without compromising their safety thanks to SSL Safety Certificate and 3D Secure services.

SSL Security Certificate

RapisSSL SSL Safety Certificate is used by

3D Secure/3D Safety

3D Secure is an identity verification system developed by card institutions to secure online shopping. It is also known as the procedure of credit card verification with password for online shopping. The applications used for Visa Credit Card and MasterCard are called as ‘’Verified by Visa’’ and ‘’SecureCode’’ respectively.  It is required for the card holder to verify the transaction by a special password provided by the bank for such shopping to be deemed valid. Thanks to 3D Secure payment system, anyone who does not know the card pin and information special to you cannot shop by your card.

In your shopping through, you can make your payment by 3D Secure if your credit card bank supports this system.
During shopping through our Online Ordering section, credit card details entered by the member and requiring privacy shall not be saved into our system and shall be transferred to the Bank by encrypting via SSL Protocol. Thus, it is impossible to intrude to your account details.
The online payment system of has been coded in a manner that credit card details of the members cannot be seen and copied by 3rd Persons and even by employees of our company.

If credit card or account details of our visitors and guests are requested under title and disguise of our company, immediately report to our organization and relevant legal bodies. That’s because our online shop has been coded in a manner that such details will only be entered at the latest stage of the ordering and directly conveyed to the bank without being saved into our system.
It is generally recommended not to use computers owned by those you do not know or open to general use for online shopping as a security measure.

7. Order, Payment and Delivery of Product

Quick China provides the Member with clear explanations regarding the payment options, order details and total payable sum at the stage of order approval.

Quick China immediately verifies receiving the order of the Member by an e-mail sent to e-mail address specified in the membership form filled by the Member to use the website (‘’E-Mail Address of the Member’’).

The order and order receiving shall be deemed verified by an e-mail sent to the E-Mail Address of the Member by Quick China. Quick China shall not be responsible for the problems that will arise as the said order verification mail goes to ‘’spam’’ box of the e-mail address of the Member and thus is not received by the Member.

Quick China provides the Member with appropriate, effective and accessible technical instruments to identify and correct data entrance mistakes before placing the order. If the Member wants to make any change in his/her order before completing it, he/she can do it by clicking to the ‘’continue to shopping’’ or cancel the relevant order by clicking to ‘’cancel the order’’ if he/she wishes to do so.

The Member can also change his/her membership details (address, telephone etc.) by clicking the ‘’My Page’’ link opened/activated when he/she signs in the website.

The Members can make online payment for the order placed on the Website of Quick China by credit card (3D Secure) or pay it on delivery as they have chosen among the options provided on the website while ordering.

Home delivery and restaurant prices may vary.
The orders placed by the Member through or Quick China Mobile Application shall be delivered to the address specified while placing the order.

If the customer cannot be found at his/her address specified during the ordering process while delivering the product, the ordered food shall not be delivered to any other location in any manner. In this case, the member has to agree to legal liabilities arising from placing an order to a location where he/she is not at that moment.

8. Liabilities of the Member

The Member agrees and undertakes to observe all legislation provisions and terms of this Agreement and not to violate the said provisions while using the Website. Otherwise, the Member shall be fully and exclusively responsible for all legal and penal consequences.

The member agrees and undertakes the following:

  1. Information provided in the registration form on is accurate and he/she shall be responsible for damages arising from inaccuracies and deficiencies in this information in cases where such information is required (e.g. forgetting the password) and his/her membership may be terminated in such cases;
  2. He/she shall be directly responsible for any transaction performed by him/her under the title of ‘’User’’;
  3. He/she has to pay the price of the service reported to him/her beforehand during delivery of the product and otherwise the product may not be delivered to him/her;
  4. The copyright of the services provided and software used by belongs to and he/she shall not copy, reproduce or distribute such software in any manner;
  5. Any record or material obtained by using is within his/her consent, he/she shall be directly responsible for failures caused by then in his/her computer, loss of information and other losses and he/she shall not claim against for damages that may arise from use of the service.
  6. He/she shall not use services of for commercial and advertising purposes without its consent;
  7. He/she shall be responsible for files attached to the media of and personal details sent while using the services of and shall not be hold accountable for these files in any case;
  8. He/she shall not access to the services provided by without authorization and modify the software in any manner, use the software appearing to be modified and cover material and moral damages suffered by in case of violation of said clauses by him/her;
  9. Comments, subject titles and aliases to be added to the environment shall be conforming to general rules of ethics, manner and law;
  10. He/she shall not send information or software harming the system of or information and software stored in computers of other users;
  11. The entire system can be monitored by temporarily or continuously  and it may intervene and terminate the membership in case of violation of these provisions;
  12. He/she shall not use the website in an unlawful manner disturbing public peace, harassing others and breaching rights and copyrights of others in any case.
  13. If he/she violates one or more article(s) of this Agreement, he/she shall be responsible for all possible damages arising from it and hold Quick China harmless against any damage, lawsuit and claim brought against it and compensate it if necessary.

9. Powers of

  1. Sales of are limited to availability of the existing menus at that moment. It may not delivery the products that are not available in the relevant restaurant. Display of the products on the website does not indicate a promise by on existence of them in the inventory.
  2. shall be entitled to change the price and specifications of the products without liability of giving notice beforehand. In case of mistakes related to price and specifications of the product, may deliver it so as to correct this mistake or cancel the order.
  3. may suspend or fully stop operation of the system in any time.
  4. does not have to give notice in advance to its members or third persons due to suspension or continuous stoppage of the system neither it shall have any responsibility due to this reason.
  5. Information provided by the users and members through may also be used by to improve use of the website, contact with the members, satisfy intracompany needs and deal with legal requirements. This information may be shared with the employees of or third persons during conveying order of the member or used for analysing and supporting use of the website.
  6. The members who selected the options of ‘’I want to be informed by e-mail’’ and/or ‘’I want to be informed by SMS’’ while subscribing to the website of Quick China on consent that details provided in the said membership form shall be recorded, stored, used by  Quick China for any advertisement, promotion, sales, marketing and membership practises and other communications and informing procedures; shared with successors, dealers / franchisees of Quick China for commercial communication and with third persons rendering service for sending commercial notices and they will be contacted with SMS, instant messaging, e-mail, calls and similar methods. The Members may terminate the notices sent to them without providing any reason whenever they wish.
  7. Performance of this agreement may be modified or existing articles can be amended or new articles may be added by to satisfy technical requirements that will arise in the future and adapt to the legislation.
  8. may require membership for the services not requiring membership at the moment. may provide additional services, partially or fully change certain services  or charge.
  9. The username and password shall be displayed and approved after the application fields provided for the customer by are filled in. may indefinitely prevent the customers, who have filled in all fields or connected despite having a password, from having a new password or using their passwords.
  10. has proprietary and relevant copyright of the information, document, software, design, graphic etc. generated or purchased by it.
  11. Quick China reserves the right to terminate and change the conditions of online ordering campaigns/promotions without giving notice beforehand.
  12. Quick China may collect certain information name of the internet service provider and Internet Protocol (IP) address used to access to the website, date and time of access to the website, pages accessed while surfing on the website and internet address of the website ensuring direct connection to the website in order improve and develop the website or satisfy the requirements of the legislation.
  13. Quick China shall not be hold responsible for intrusion to the data of the Members and possible harm to software and data of the Members other than cases where it is faulty.

10. Personal and Non-commercial use limitation:

The Members acknowledge that all shopping transactions are for personal use and they are not intended for re-sale.

11. Validity of records of

The parties agree, declare and undertake that book records and microfilm, microchip and computer records of shall form valid, binding, final and exclusive proof as per article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure and this article forms an evidential contract.

12. Termination may unilaterally terminate this agreement in any time.
Similarly, the member may terminate this agreement by sending a written notice to any time he/she wishes. When the written notice is received by Quick China, the agreement comes to an end and Quick China removes the record of the Member.

13. Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices

Courts and Enforcement Offices of Ankara Merkez shall be authorized for settlement of any dispute that may arise from performance of this agreement.

14. Enforcement

After the user fills in the registration form, signs in and receives service by using the system or places an order, this agreement shall come into force between the parties indefinitely.


As “QUICK CHINA - ALGA TURİZM GIDA TİCARET A.Ş.”, we have the title of data supervisor within the frame of the said law and we inform our customers on our joint rights and responsibilities within the frame of the laws by this guideline.


If you purchase goods or services from the headquarters or branches of our company, follow our social media account, register to them or have a commercial, professional or legal connection with us; identity details (name & surname), communication data (e-mail address, address and telephone details), data on products purchased within the scope of field of activity of our company, your visual and audio data, your likes and comments are recorded by our company in line with Article 5/1 and 5/2, Article 11 and Article 12 of the Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data so as to perform the agreement and satisfy legal requirements.

Your abovementioned personal data may be processed by our company with your explicit consent to let you take advantage of the products and services provided under the brand of QUICK CHINA - ALGA TURİZM GIDA TİCARET A.Ş., enjoy customer rights and other opportunities and satisfy relevant commercial, financial and legal responsibilities, advertise products, inform you on promotional periods and defend legally legitimate rights in a manner not disturbing your rights and liberties. 


Your data obtained with your clear consent through our stores, website, social media accounts and/or directly yourself may be shared with public organizations or institutions entitled to demand these data legally, relevant intracompany departments needed to maintain operations and work processes of the company (sales, accounting) and contracted organizations (distribution company and mobile communication etc.) as per our organizations provided that sufficient and effective measures are taken in line with safety and privacy principles indicated in the legislation.


Your personal data shall be deleted, destructed or anonymized automatically or upon request of the relevant person within the frame of procedures and principles specified in the relevant legislation if the reasons for processing have come to an end despite being processed as per the Law No. 6698 and other relevant laws or duration of storage provisioned in the laws for the said record expires.


The rights specified in article 11 of the Law No. 6998 on Protection of Personal Data are as following: the people may apply to the data supervisor by procedures compatible with the provisions of the law and regulation and shall be entitled to the following for themselves:

  • Learning about whether personal data has been processed;
  • Requesting documents about personal data if processed;
  • Learning about the reason for processing personal data and whether they have been used properly;
  • Learning about third persons to whom personal data are conveyed in Turkey and abroad;
  • Requesting correction of personal data if they have been processed deficiently or inaccurately;
  • Requesting for deletion or destruction of personal data within the frame of the article 7 of the Law No. 6698;
  • Requesting for notifying the third persons to whom personal data are conveyed on the procedures of correction, deletion or destruction;
  • Objecting to negative consequences arising for him/her due to analysis of the processed data exclusively by automatic systems and
  • Requesting for remedy of the damage if he/she suffers damage due to unlawful processing of the personal data.

For further information and requests on your personal details, apply to “