Sushi Madness For Delivery Service!

We have 2 great offers for Sushi lovers; 60 pieces or 82 pieces Sushi!

You can order from Gaziosmanpaşa, Çayyolu, Bilkent, Armada, Arcadium, Kuzu Effect and Tepe Prime branches until 17.00 and branch.


60 pieces Sushi... 

60 pieces Sushi: California Roll 8 piece, Boston Roll 8 piece, Rainbow Roll piece, Veggie Roll 8 piece, Sake Maki 8 piece, Kappa Maki 8 piece, Spider Roll 8 piece, Sake Nigiri 4 piece, Tamago Nigiri 4 piece

82 pieces Sushi: Kyoto California Roll 8 piece, Boston Roll 8 piece, Rainbow Roll 8 piece, Veggie Roll 8 piece, Sake Maki 6 piece, Kappa Maki 6 piece, Salmon Tempura Roll 8 piece, Tekka Maki 6 piece, Kani Tempura Maki 8 piece, Rainbow Roll 8 piece, Futomaki 4 piece, Suzuki Nigiri 3 piece, Tamago Nigiri 3 piece


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Which Bento Is Your Favorite? 

We have packed your favorites and came up with 6 different budget friendly boxes: BENTO

Bento 1: Mongolian Chicken, Noodles With Vegetables, California Roll, Green Tea Profiterole. 65,00 TL

Bento 2: Sweet and Sour Chicken, Noodles With Vegetables,Fried Wonton Basket, Green Tea Profiterole. 63,00 TL

Bento 3 Sashimi 3 piece (Sake 1, Suzuki 1, Maguro 1), California Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Sake Maki, Edamame. 103,00 TL

Bento 4: Noodles With Vegetables, Sake Maki, California Roll, Honey Fried Bananas. 76,00 TL

Bento 5: Beef With Green Papper, Fried Rice With Vegetables, Green Salad, Spring Roll. 65,00 TL

Bento 6: Mongolian Fried Chicken, Kyoto California Roll, Philedelphia Roll, Green Tea Profiterole. 93,00 TL

You can eat your favorite Bento menu at GOP, Kuzu Effect, Çayyolu and Tepe Prime branches every day between 11.00 -16.00 and at Bilkent branch between 14.00 -17.00 on weekdays, 11.00-14.00 on weekends. Not valid for Armada, Arcadium branch and delivery services

Delicious Peking Duck is 30%off evey Wednesday!

This unique taste, marinated with 5 different spices and then cooked in the special oven brought from Hong Kong, is 30% off on Wednesdays! 

Since the product is prepared fresh and daily, it is necessary to place the order one day before group meals. Unfortunately, the discount is not applied in delivery service.

Extra-Ordinary Tastes At The Buffet Meal

Turkey's biggest open buffet is open every Monday from 19:30 to 21:30  with its 30 meter long counter and variety of products in our GOP, Çayyolu and Kuzu Effect branches. We are waiting for those who are hungry for far Eastern tastes. By the way, we suggest you make a reservation!